Acquire More Users and Monetize Your App At the Same Time With Rewarded Surveys

For many publishers, user acquisition (UA ) and monetization are separate tasks. On the surface, this makes sense. Whether we’re talking about a small publisher with a limited number of team members or a huge game company with dozens of employees, the UA and monetization teams are presumably working towards different goals. 

On the one hand, the UA manager is focused on user acquisition. Their most important key performance indicators (KPIs) will include things like return on ad spend (ROAS) and conversion benchmarks of getting new and existing user segments to engage in the app. At the end of the day, success is measured in terms of how many new users they’ve managed to acquire given a particular ad spend budget. Meanwhile, the monetization team is worried about different KPIs. 

Their goal is to maximize user lifetime value (LTV) and average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU) by utilizing various monetization strategies, including offerwalls, video ads, and rewarded surveys. They’re also focused on balancing ad delivery with user experience in order to maximize user retention. At a glance, these look like completely separate goals and KPIs. But if you dig a bit deeper, you’ll see how important it is for your UA and monetization teams to work hand in hand. 

At the end of the day, they’re working towards the same end goals: maximizing revenue and growing the company. When these two teams are on the same page and working towards these shared goals, it’s possible to improve UA efficiency, identify misallocated ad spending and missed opportunities, and maximize growth. 

Improving the Efficiency of Your UA Efforts 

Given the differences outlined above, it’s easy to see how your UA and monetization teams would have different expertise. For example, a UA manager who’s focused primarily on marketing may not have the same in depth understanding of ad networks as someone on your monetization team. This can make it difficult for them to gain the necessary insight to adjust ad spending for optimal user acquisition. On the other hand, an expert from your monetization team may be able to take a look at how ads are being served and identify areas where adjustments can be made. The closer your UA and monetization teams are working together, the easier it is to make your UA efforts more efficient and effective. The end result will be improved KPIs and tighter cooperation between two of your key teams. 

Getting User Data from Rewarded Surveys 

While UA and monetization have their differences, consider for a moment where there might be overlap when it comes to rewarded surveys. Every profiled user from TheoremReach self-reports vital demographics that are tracked to a user’s cookie, advertiser ID, or device ID. This means that you can now associate a user’s demographic information to their actual performance in your app. 

The applications here are powerful. By understanding your users’ demographics tied to their LTV, you can create lookalike segments to help with your UA efforts across Facebook, Google, and other sources targeting your higher LTV user segments. On the monetization side, you can create more targeted network placements using your newly acquired first party data to command higher CPMs and CPVs. 

How rewarded surveys stack up against video ads

Maximizing Growth 

UA and monetization shouldn’t be thought of as separate tasks; when you consider that they’re both essential to generating revenue, you can see that their supposedly separate goals and KPIs actually overlap. At the end of the day, effective marketing and UA is all about understanding your users. The better your UA team understands your potential users, the more insight they’ll have into how to market to them. Consider how much user insight you can gain from monetization-related user data: in-app purchase (IAP) habits, information provided in rewarded surveys, and so on. If your UA and monetization teams are well-integrated, team members working in UA will have easy access to this kind of data. They’ll make better decisions when it comes to UA, and they’ll also acquire better users -- that is, the kind of users who are likely to end up with a higher LTV. This kind of team cooperation creates a positive feedback loop, resulting in better ROI and faster growth. 

TheoremReach: Your Solution for Monetization and UA 

At TheoremReach, we understand that monetization and UA need to work hand in hand. Treating these tasks as separate will slow down growth and lead to inefficiencies. By tackling them together, you can improve ROI, grow faster, and generate more revenue. 

Our rewarded survey solutions are easy to implement and have been shown to actually increase user engagement, ARPDAU, conversion rates, and LTV. Plus, the user data gleaned from surveys leads to improvements in user acquisition. 

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Stronger Together: Monetization and User Acquisition (UA)
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