Companies around the world are beginning to finalize their preparations for GDPR, and TheoremReach is no exception. Given the size and scope of these changes, we wanted to take a moment to share with you the steps we're taking in order to achieve compliance — and why these steps are so important.

At TheoremReach, we provide technology that connects market researchers with publishers. As a result, we can’t afford to trivialize the impact that we’re capable of having on user data. As a data controller under the new GDPR regulations, it’s our job to take responsibility for the lawfulness, fairness, transparency, accuracy, access minimization, storage limitation and integrity, and confidentiality of our users’ personal data.

Working to meet the new standards, TheoremReach is focusing on overhauling our UI, solidifying security for data storage, minimizing access to sensitive data and managing our supply chains.

UI Overhaul

By updating our UI/UX, we’re making it easier for users to understand and consent to both our privacy and cookie policies. In order to take a survey, a user must first actively consent to these policies. Additionally, our policy links will be readily available from our “Campaign” area for users to access at any time, including while completing a survey.

Data Storage Responsibility

While TheoremReach doesn’t actively collect survey data from our suppliers, we do store profile data in order to target relevant surveys via Amazon’s AWS service. As a leader in the data storage space, Amazon’s compliance will provide us with safe, secure storage for user profile data and other sensitive information.


Minimizing access to user data is important to us. In order to keep access to user data to a minimum, only specific engineering and product staff members will be granted permission to access sensitive data.

Supply Chain Management

Right now, our team at TheoremReach is working with each of our research vendors and survey suppliers to ensure that they’ll be in compliance by the GDPR deadline. Going forward, TheoremReach will not accept surveys from any of our partners who are unable to demonstrate their compliance with GDPR. Our goal is to encourage all of our partners to work together in order to build a safe and protected industry practice.

Our Background

If you have a digital marketing background or have spent time in the ad tech space, you’re likely already familiar with the massive LUMAscape charts — the ones showing dozens of companies, each with their own agenda when it comes to marketing technology, data profiling, targeting, retargeting, and other revenue-based actions. In such a complex industry, it’s easy for companies to assume a sort of middleman role and fail to take responsibility for enhanced safeguards and protections. Doing so, however, is neither ethical nor responsible.

Our mission when we launched TheoremReach was to create a better way to help publishers earn more revenue. By offering opt-in surveys, we assist publishers with revenue generation by providing their users with a rewarding, respectful experience.

This continues to be our goal today. We believe that by acting as good corporate citizens and fostering a healthier relationship with both users and publishers, we can accomplish two things at once. We can continue to provide both our publishers and users with a secure, stable, and transparent platform while we further our monetization model each and every day.

Thanks for taking a moment to read through this update. If you have any questions about GDPR in general or TheoremReach specifically, please contact us at

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