Think Rewarded Surveys are Boring, Long, or Repetitive for Users? Think Again.

At TheoremReach, we help publishers implement rewarded surveys in their apps alongside other monetization strategies. But over the years, we’ve found that there are a few common misconceptions amongst publishers when it comes to rewarded surveys.

“Users think surveys are boring and too long.”

“Don’t users find surveys intrusive? Can’t they hurt your ARPDAU in the long run?”

In fact, rewarded surveys are one of the best ways to monetize your non-paying users. Today, we want to set the record straight by taking a look at what makes rewarded surveys such an effective monetization tool for publishers. Keep reading to learn more about these 7 Survey Superpowers.

1. Surveys Feature Customizable Length and Reward Amount

It’s true that lengthy video ads can frustrate users, and this is something for publishers to be mindful of. But not only are users more than willing to take lengthy surveys than watch long video ads -- they also have the opportunity to choose the length of the survey they take. And with rewards and payouts offered for partial completion, they can earn a reward even for answering just a handful of questions.

2. Surveys Offer Bigger Rewards than Video Ads

...and users love it. Simply put: users want big rewards, and rewarded surveys deliver.

Are you happy with your app revenue?

3. Surveys Provide User Demographics for Your Own Use

Sure, rewarded surveys are a great source of revenue for publishers -- but they’re so much more than that. The data gleaned from rewarded surveys is also an effective way to improve user acquisition (UA) and retention. The more you learn about your users, the better you can customize their in-app experience.

4. Surveys Offer Lightning-Fast Integration

Whether via software development kit (SDK) or a web entry link, you can get rewarded surveys up and running in your app within a day, adding another revenue stream to your app overnight.

5. Rewarded Surveys Increase Engagement and Retention

Really, they do. We have the data to prove it: in one case study, we found 6x the user retention and a whopping 3,000% increase in user lifetime value amongst rewarded survey takers.

6. Rewarded Surveys Have Better ARPDAU

Better than what, you ask? Better than video. We sometimes see surveys provide twice the average revenue per daily user as compared to video ads.

7. Rewarded Surveys Aren’t Repetitive

TheoremReach’s survey integrations are user responsive, ensuring that users aren’t presented with the same repetitive questions again and again.

Rewarded Surveys: Here They Come to Save the Day

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Install our fast SDK or entry link integration to start earning revenue today.

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